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The key pillar towards a company’s identity is its logo design. Thus an enormous amount of thought and work must be initiated to come up with an innovative, original and intelligent logo. Believe that effective and notable logo concept may help stir and awaken your customer’s interest towards your enterprise.!


With our proven knowledge about excellent printing, we can work with you to come up with an exciting and classy envelope that remains true to your brand so that it can get noticed and read. We can print on a wide range of sizes and shapes of envelopes, all depending upon your penchants.

Greeting Cards

Keep your business relentlessly at the forefront of your recipient’s mind, have your greeting cards printed at Print Meister. We are committed to creating only the finest. Have them laminated in gloss or matt, stamped, cut and fabricated with a team who has an eye for detail.


In the field of advertising, flyers and leaflets have already stood the test of time. Trying to promote events, products or your personal portfolio? Get those up class flyers and leaflets for you and let us do the job! We are advocates of quality printing at a very minimal cost. Certainly, we would love to see you giving your clients something that you can be proud of.

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Business Cards

Business Cards that say it best! We help you make a solid first impression of your business. Our designers, some of the most creative in the field, are always ready to help make your cards evoke your business’ personality with delicately chosen colour palettes and stylish fonts while keeping it simple and well rounded. Classy, bold, playful, hip, elegant…your pick!

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Renovating Your Kitchen: Should You Employ a Designer?

If you know that you would like to renovate your kitchen, but you aren’t precisely sure how, you could want to think about making use of the services of a professional designer. When it comes to getting support with the design of your house, there are a number of perks to seeking assistance from an expert decorator.

Before you can begin to analyze the advantages of using the services of a professional designer, it is very important to keep something in mind. Various people have various meanings of expert designers. There are lots of who feel that an expert decorator does simply that, decorate. While this is true, there is more to decorating than simply changing your wallpaper or impeding brand-new photo. Specialist designers could also help you redesign your kitchen, all of it. That is why if you are looking to renovate your kitchen, you may desire to seek support from an expert, as formerly mentioned, there are a lot of perks to doing so.

One of the numerous advantages to seeking help from an expert designer, when you are looking to remodel your kitchen, is the competence you are provided. Specialist decorators are people who not only have a big quantity of experience, but additionally people that have a decent quantity of training.

In addition to giving you information on the most popular kitchen designs, such as cabinets, lighting, or counter top trends, an expert decorator could additionally help you discover materials and materials that are cost effective. One of the good things about professional decorators is that they typically know where to go shopping for the best deals.

Due to the fact that they usually tend to establish contacts along the means, one of the reasons why a professional decorator might be able to point you in the instructions of a supplier is. This could certainly work out to your advantage, especially if you are wanting to work with an expert contactor to do your kitchen remodeling for you. You will find, in many cases, that professional decorators can offer you professional techniques or recommendations. If, by some modification, they are not able to link you with a regional professional, there is a likelihood that they understand someone who can. One of the hardest parts about having your kitchen professionally remodeling is finding a relied on person or business to do the task for you. With referrals from a professional designer, you might not have to stress any longer. This is especially the case when you’re working with multifacted remodelling not just including the kitchen. A holistic designer can factor in all of your work and living spaces to have a cohesive design which works together, not clashes.

Although you could be able to take advantage of utilizing the help of a professional designer, you could not want to pay for it. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen on a budget, you may want to use the web to your benefit. Online, with a common net search, you should quickly be able to find the newest trends in kitchen makeover. These trends might offer you concepts regarding precisely how you want or do not desire your kitchen to be remodeled.

If you understand that you would like to renovate your kitchen, but you aren’t precisely sure how, you may want to think about utilizing the services of an expert designer. Specialist designers could also help you redesign your kitchen, all of it. One of the lots of perks to seeking assistance from an expert designer, when you are looking to remodel your kitchen, is the competence you are given. In addition to providing you info on the best kitchen designs, such as cabinets, lighting, or counter top trends, a professional designer could likewise help you find materials and products that are cost effective. You may be able to benefit from using the support of a professional designer, you may not desire to pay for it.

Is it time for some old ideas?

With the government being reasonably obsessed with protecting lenders and the economy from less than perfect borrowers, the result is that now more than ever, those who often contribute the most to the mortgage payments (the tenants), are less likely to own a home than ever before.

Here’s an extract of some time-earned wisdom from the Geelong finance broker Andrew Monk.

As a tenant, your rent is an income stream of an investor, and in many cases your rent is covering the lion’s share of the mortgage.

However just being able to pay the rent shouldn’t immediately qualify you for a home loan. But there is a case for a much better deal for potential owner occupiers, especially while rents are so close to mortgage payments.

A lot of people benefit from the way things are. But in the whole affordability debate, we might be ignoring the fact that the current system is no help to many people who could afford mortgage payments, but can’t get a loan.

Our current lending system is part of our culture, and its not easy to question a whole culture – but here’s some questions anyway:

Why isn’t the person who is making most of the payments eventually getting to own a home?
Why is your income good enough to help someone else get a loan, but not good enough for you?
Surely these questions must be too naive and simplistic, right? Not really.

It’s true that there are good reasons you need to be such a strong borrower these days – defaulting is an expensive process for the bank and the mortgage insurer.

The performance of each loan can also affect the value of a whole bundle of mortgages, related securities, and the reputation of the bank – and default rates can have a very negative effect on the economy. So the banks and the economy need protecting from you – although many would argue that this is the other way around.

But what if regulatory authorities embraced some new thinking about some old ideas?

There are other financial systems that work differently, such as Islamic finance, although similar models aren’t limited to any specific faith or culture. In 2005 the Victorian government made changes to its stamp duty laws in response to this need – by exempting stamp duty where lending institutions acquire the property title in order to facilitate providing the finance.

This was designed to help specific lenders provide credit contracts that have a lot in common with rent to buy, or vendor terms contracts, such as those that have already existed in Australia for a 100 years or more. In these finance models, finance is provided without a traditional mortgage because the lender holds the title.

When a breach occurs on such contracts to the extent that it cannot be remedied, the ‘foreclosure’ process is much simpler. In such cases the contract can eventually be rescinded and the property made available to another purchaser, (just like an investment property might be available to another tenant). This occurs with no great harm to the lender or it’s shareholders – and no need for a mortgagee in possession sale.

What some of these alternatives have in common, is that borrowers have a greater choice to assume the risk of their own credit worthiness, and default losses can be limited to a pre-determined set of costs – with most of the buyer’s accumulated equity being protected even if the contract becomes untenable.

In other words, there are other models where credit worthiness is much less of a risk to the lender, the borrower and the economy.

In most of these alternatives the concept is simple. Ownership transitions from one party to the other over time. If the first party owes money on the property, then that gets paid down faster than the ownership transfers.

Unfortunately most of these models have become caught up in our complex finance and consumer laws, and the result is that many alternative solutions have become un-viable.

So some new thinking might include reviewing the protection measures that keep so many capable, potential home owners out of the market.

This could open the door for institutional investors, developers or housing co-operatives to find some new solutions based on some very old ideas.

Brand Review – Little Fat Lamb

Today I’m going to review the branding for the latest alcopop phenomenon taking Australia by storm – Little Fat Lamb. This brand has been getting in the news for providing a fruity, low cost cider style beverage popular with young drinkers in large volumes.

What is the Brand:

Little Fat Lamb is a alcopop beverage brand which has come into the Australia consciousness in the last 12 months. Offering a range of fruit based non-spirit beverages they aim to target the cheap end of the alcohol market. Their branding is simple – cheap soft drink style containers, a simple yet dated looking black cursive text for their name and the flavour/imagery on the bottles changing with each flavour. The brand is relatively consistent across the beverages, with colour used to denote each flavour type – ie ginger is orange, berry purple etc.

What do they do right:

As a brand – they’re leveraged the young pop-culture market through the usage of ‘memes’ – looking at their official Facebook pagecurrently has a display picture such as this:

They’ve also leveraged the news media storm which whilst trying to condemn the brand for being seen as encouraging irresponsible drinking, has instead grown its customer base dramatically being seen as a fun, cheap alternative. A lot of this relies upon the current tax environment in Australia, which taxes these types of alcoholic beverages lower than other sweet fruity spirit based beverages.
Not attempt is made to make the brand from being seen as a cheap option, the opposite is true. Little Fat Lamb bottles their drinks in 1.25L soft drink style containers, as cheaply as possible to build the image as the cheap drinkers choice. This brand decision has worked in their favour as the price conscious younger generation will buy the product in droves.

What do they need to do better:

My only criticism towards the branding design is based on the lack of a very simple yet important factor – a website! Scouring for information on this brand, I’ve only managed to find news articles complaining about the range of beverages, or the Facebook page which shows a reel of images of the beverages and the antics of the purchasers of the product. In saying this however, the relatively anonymity of the brand hasn’t impacted the sales of this beverage so perhaps their marketing strategy isn’t being impacted by the lack of a website.

Final Thoughts:

In a crowded market, Little Fat Lamb has carved a relatively strong niche which has garnered interest from consumers and media a-like. Using the discussion on alcohol taxation and drinking culture, Little Fat Lamb has “meme’d” their way to success. The key for their brand to continue will be to counter any potential new rivals which will emerge in the price-sensitive space and to ensure they continue to hold the interest of its buyers – whether through developing their brand further or through the introduction of new products, flavours or ranges.

2KW Review

Adelaide’s relatively recent and most famous rooftop bar has people talking, for many reasons. Taking what is essentially the most prime position in all of Adelaide, this high end renovation has it’s guests with front row seating to the riverland precinct. I’ve visited the venue multiple times with a few well known Adelaide business types and have great experiences abound. Here’s my view of 2kw, the branding and how it’s impacted Adelaide dining and drinking culture.

The Brand, what does it mean?

2KW – subtle in it’s name, is devilishly intelligent in design. 2KW is simple – it stands for the buildings address – 2 King William (st). This acts as both a simple sleek brand design, but also a reminder of the address making it the ultimate conversation settler on ‘where to go on Friday’.
The owner of 2KW, Martin Palmer, has seen through the renovation of multiple other well known venues including The Hwy – which also carries through a unique brand making a play on words for it’s highway location.
The brand clearly is pegging itself to be high end – with enforced dress codes and multiple greeters beyond just the obligatory bouncers.

The Fitout

The fitout of the restaurant and bar is well designed, allowing for a significant enclosed bar and restaurant, wrap around deck with booth seating and an open area with secondary bar with ranging views, gas heating and various types of seating from stools, view side seating and raised sets of tables and chairs. Styling carries through as the latest trends with brass, whites, natural wood and elegant lighting. When taking a foray with my colleague from Adelaide Hills Electrician, Joseph, noted the electrical fitout has been designed to keep the lighting balancing aesthetic appeal and practical uses – at no point do you feel that the place is too dark, or too unnaturally bright.
The bar is marble and stocks a significant range of spirits and beers – there is a strong high end amount of spirits – but no Jack Daniels. (are we surprised?)

What can 2KW do to improve?

The bar is fantastic overall and the use of DJ’s gives a great vibe, however during the cooler months this exposed site struggles with winds and rain making a significant portion of the booth areas cold and wet, whilst the remaining areas are packed. I would suggest it would be fantastic if they could work with trying to weather proof the areas a bit more extensively considering it’s exposed nature – making the venue more accessible and functional year round. It’s hard to justify going to a cold wet venue when there’s a plethora of warm dry options (some even with lovely wood fires) in the CBD to keep it’s patrons warm and entertained.

My Thoughts overall?

Overall I think 2KW is a great addition to Adelaide’s nightlife and features a fundamental step in reinvigorating some of the larger underutilised buildings in the city. Instead of developing new buildings, we can only hope Adelaide further develops more of our existing buildings to bring further life into the city and opening up opportunities for all.

Six Advertising Tips For A Product Launch

  1. Do a background check on your customers

The most important aspect of designing effective ads is getting to know your target audience. It is solely on the basis of what you know about your customers that you can build a relationship with them through your adds and pass on the message of product offerings.  What their needs and wants are will determine the strategies to be used to promote or advertise your company’s product.

  1. Examine and finalize on the verbal and body language to be used

The success of the message that an ad is required to convey to its audience depends on the type of tone and language used in the communication. This can be either formal or informal depending on the product and the target customers.

  1. Check, double check and analyze your competitors

Business is always competition at its best. While you are busy designing your niche ad, it is also vital to consider going through your competitors work to identify their hits and misses and where you can cash in.

analyze your competitors

  1. Creativity and Innovation is key

The most important aspect of advertising is for the ad to be eye-catching. Therefore it is essential for you to keep in mind that merely advertising a product is not enough. You are required to get into the customer’s, and you can only do this by allowing your creative juices to flow.

  1. Gloat about your brand’s best quality products

Good advertising is supposed to put you in a position of, and it is, therefore, crucial to speak up about the product’s most significant competitive, and it’s most unique qualities.

  1. Jingle Slogan all the way!

Always remember that although it is usually the visual medium is far better sealed in the brain, it is important to remember that in the age of visual medium, slogans and jingles for the brand’s products are the best ways to etch the memory of the ad in the mind’s of the consumers. For example, Xerox is not synonymous for standard printouts, but it was the name of the machine. There are a number of ads that one can choose from, for example, there are several types of ads to choose from, such as:

Ads on elevators, buses, and commercial centers

  1. TV commercials
  2. Podcasts
  3. Sales video
  4. Native Ads
  5. Festival Wristbands
  6. Online and physical banners
  7. Flyers


Advertisements are viewed differently in different situations or cases.  Analyze the type of communications that needs to be put forward and also ensure you consider how much of this is going to benefit the viewer and your organization.

Latest Software used for Advertising

  1. Serif DrawPlus X8-

Whether you are creating a new logo, creating illustrations or even editing photos for your print ads, this program will handle all these functions. The program is simple enough for those new to graphic designing, but the program also offers plenty of features to satisfy the most experienced designers. You can even use the program to create moving animations for your online advertisements. Although the program lacks some of the editing options of other graphic design software, the program does make up for this with its illustration tools and robust help and support.

  1. Magix Movie Edit Pro-

This program is well-known for its movie-editing environment, and its recent version offers the user all the tools needed with an easy-to-use interface. The program also provides music editing tools and competitive audio tools along with its video-editing feature. The software is affordable for most users and is ranked just below the Cyberlink and also offers many effects and titling tools to make the ads, videos more unique and engaging. This program also comes with inbuilt cloud technology so that you can use the tech on your projects through various computer screens. By helping with creating appealing ads, you can increase the effectiveness of video based content.

  1. Layar-



This program creates engaging ads that involve more than just videos feature but many more. The new trend present in advertising today is an Augmented reality. AR includes adding many elements to a photo, website or a movie y providing artificial information to a picture or even a scene. The program allows you to create appealing ads even when you do not have much experience with augmented reality. The drag and drop feature of the program gives an opportunity to create interactive ads for your customers without the need to spend a lot of money outsourcing the product.

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector-

It is a top-rated video editing software with features that can take your ads and videos to the next realm. The ultimate edition of this program offered basic video editing and assisted moving to make features that can allow you to fill in a template with lots of video and photos, by which the programs use the footage to create a movie. The program is popular because of its ability to edit the videos from GoPro.

  1. Corel PaintShop Pro X8-

This particular software was designed to work with the windows software and highly rated by its users. Many graphic designers prefer to use a full-option Windows laptop, such as Lenovo, that they can tote with them and even work wherever is convenient. The program is powerful enough for your designs, and will not slow down or even take up too much space on your laptop. This graphic design software also leads to almost 90 different photo filters.

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