2KW Review

Adelaide’s relatively recent and most famous rooftop bar has people talking, for many reasons. Taking what is essentially the most prime position in all of Adelaide, this high end renovation has it’s guests with front row seating to the riverland precinct. I’ve visited the venue multiple times with a few well known Adelaide business types and have great experiences abound. Here’s my view of 2kw, the branding and how it’s impacted Adelaide dining and drinking culture.

The Brand, what does it mean?

2KW – subtle in it’s name, is devilishly intelligent in design. 2KW is simple – it stands for the buildings address – 2 King William (st). This acts as both a simple sleek brand design, but also a reminder of the address making it the ultimate conversation settler on ‘where to go on Friday’.
The owner of 2KW, Martin Palmer, has seen through the renovation of multiple other well known venues including The Hwy – which also carries through a unique brand making a play on words for it’s highway location.
The brand clearly is pegging itself to be high end – with enforced dress codes and multiple greeters beyond just the obligatory bouncers.

The Fitout

The fitout of the restaurant and bar is well designed, allowing for a significant enclosed bar and restaurant, wrap around deck with booth seating and an open area with secondary bar with ranging views, gas heating and various types of seating from stools, view side seating and raised sets of tables and chairs. Styling carries through as the latest trends with brass, whites, natural wood and elegant lighting. When taking a foray with my colleague from Adelaide Hills Electrician, Joseph, noted the electrical fitout has been designed to keep the lighting balancing aesthetic appeal and practical uses – at no point do you feel that the place is too dark, or too unnaturally bright.
The bar is marble and stocks a significant range of spirits and beers – there is a strong high end amount of spirits – but no Jack Daniels. (are we surprised?)

What can 2KW do to improve?

The bar is fantastic overall and the use of DJ’s gives a great vibe, however during the cooler months this exposed site struggles with winds and rain making a significant portion of the booth areas cold and wet, whilst the remaining areas are packed. I would suggest it would be fantastic if they could work with trying to weather proof the areas a bit more extensively considering it’s exposed nature – making the venue more accessible and functional year round. It’s hard to justify going to a cold wet venue when there’s a plethora of warm dry options (some even with lovely wood fires) in the CBD to keep it’s patrons warm and entertained.

My Thoughts overall?

Overall I think 2KW is a great addition to Adelaide’s nightlife and features a fundamental step in reinvigorating some of the larger underutilised buildings in the city. Instead of developing new buildings, we can only hope Adelaide further develops more of our existing buildings to bring further life into the city and opening up opportunities for all.