Latest Software used for Advertising

  1. Serif DrawPlus X8-

Whether you are creating a new logo, creating illustrations or even editing photos for your print ads, this program will handle all these functions. The program is simple enough for those new to graphic designing, but the program also offers plenty of features to satisfy the most experienced designers. You can even use the program to create moving animations for your online advertisements. Although the program lacks some of the editing options of other graphic design software, the program does make up for this with its illustration tools and robust help and support.

  1. Magix Movie Edit Pro-

This program is well-known for its movie-editing environment, and its recent version offers the user all the tools needed with an easy-to-use interface. The program also provides music editing tools and competitive audio tools along with its video-editing feature. The software is affordable for most users and is ranked just below the Cyberlink and also offers many effects and titling tools to make the ads, videos more unique and engaging. This program also comes with inbuilt cloud technology so that you can use the tech on your projects through various computer screens. By helping with creating appealing ads, you can increase the effectiveness of video based content.

  1. Layar-



This program creates engaging ads that involve more than just videos feature but many more. The new trend present in advertising today is an Augmented reality. AR includes adding many elements to a photo, website or a movie y providing artificial information to a picture or even a scene. The program allows you to create appealing ads even when you do not have much experience with augmented reality. The drag and drop feature of the program gives an opportunity to create interactive ads for your customers without the need to spend a lot of money outsourcing the product.

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector-

It is a top-rated video editing software with features that can take your ads and videos to the next realm. The ultimate edition of this program offered basic video editing and assisted moving to make features that can allow you to fill in a template with lots of video and photos, by which the programs use the footage to create a movie. The program is popular because of its ability to edit the videos from GoPro.

  1. Corel PaintShop Pro X8-

This particular software was designed to work with the windows software and highly rated by its users. Many graphic designers prefer to use a full-option Windows laptop, such as Lenovo, that they can tote with them and even work wherever is convenient. The program is powerful enough for your designs, and will not slow down or even take up too much space on your laptop. This graphic design software also leads to almost 90 different photo filters.