Size Matters in Print Ads Too – How Come?

  Fact: Print advertising is very much alive, and its relevance will stay for as long as there are still people who want to hold tangible reading materials. In fact, 82% of consumers still trust on print ads compared to other mediums.   Along with good trust-rating comes great expectation from consumers who expect more […]

Get It Here: How To Set-up and Prepare Your Design Files for Print

  Case in point: Your typography skills are a cut above the rest, and your layouts are on a tip-top caliber. But all of these skills will mean next-to-nothing if the printed result of your designs comes back looking more of a crude product and less than perfect. And the worst part – there’s no […]

You Need to Know: Choose the Best Paper for Print Media

    Among the elements of awesome print designs lie paper choice. Choosing the right paper for your print project can make or break its quality and the impact of its message. The paper stock is much like a company’s brand. If you choose to skimp on quality, your print materials will look cheap and […]

What Makes Promotional Products Valuable To Marketing?

  For years, marketing professionals and analysts have always preached about the importance of going outside the box when it comes to marketing methods. However, these people don’t realize that there’s another vital factor of marketing campaigns that yield better results when properly executed.   This component is promotional products. It may come as a […]

Reasons Why You Need To Have Humor In Print Ads

Humor helps you make that big leap in the ladder of your sales process. If there is one culprit to the success of many of the world’s brands, it is humor. The concept is easy to grasp, we like people who are funny, and we buy something from those we like.   Funny and happy […]

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Important Ad Matters that Print can Teach Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has faced some issues despite its prominence in the marketing industry. Notwithstanding the promise of providing what print could not do for business owners and consumers, digital advertising still cannot do everything on its own.   Challenges like ad blockers, fraud, and mobile-friendly updates are just among the things that magazine publishers and […]

Tabletop Card Games are Winning it Big for the Print Industry

Tabletop board and card games are among the most-funded campaigns on Kickstarter, a popular crowdsourcing platform that is the largest in the world. Regarding design and packaging, these games are some of the most creative you’ll see on the platform.   Games that let you help Endangered Orphans or make you create a fart sound […]

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Get Custom Closures with the Newest Digital Printing Technique

Get Custom Closures with the Newest Digital Printing Technique Brand owners can now avail revolutionizing packaging through quality CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) digital printing of plastic caps and closures. More customization options are incredibly available for owners and marketers who prefer to make a more impactful impression with customers than when only using plain caps and closures. […]

Why Do We Still Print in 2016?

A report in 2015 from eMarketer stated that the global ad market for the next four years would be comprised mainly of mobile advertising. Despite a 2014 study showing that print advertising has the highest ROI, many more people are turning to digital and mobile formats when promoting their business or product. It is no […]

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Humor in Print Advertising (And Why You Should Avoid It)

Humor, as an emotional appeal, is commonly used in both digital and print advertising. Indeed, it is tempting to use a bit of humor in campaign ads from time to time. After all, who wouldn’t want a few good laughs now and again, right? While some ads like the Budweiser Frogs or dancing M&M’s are […]