5 Ways That Will Make Your Print Ads Stand Out

  One of the primary objectives of advertisement is to get attention from the public to make them notice your product. There are dozens of methods and tricks that you can implement to make your ad achieve its purpose.   In this growing era of advanced technology and increasing people that choose online services and […]

It’s Still Alive!: Why Print Advertising Can Never Be Obsolete

  Today’s modern world is at a pace where material things are beginning to disappear rapidly. Advertisements are now an everyday sight online. Today, media comes out in two forms: The physical form which consists of the things that a person can hold like magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc. and the other type is Digital.   […]

Are You Thinking Flyers Are Weak?

  Ancient Persian used pigeons to pass on some information. They were their messengers before and sometimes the only ones that can prevent war from happening. Their consistency in delivering messages is extraordinary.   As fast as a pigeon can be, ironically, the generation used the term snail in message sending. It is indeed one […]