What Makes Promotional Products Valuable To Marketing?

  For years, marketing professionals and analysts have always preached about the importance of going outside the box when it comes to marketing methods. However, these people don’t realize that there’s another vital factor of marketing campaigns that yield better results when properly executed.   This component is promotional products. It may come as a […]

The Magic Of Business Cards: Why They Still Matter

  The world around is fastly growing whether we like it or not. We may not even notice the subtle changes it brings. In this fast-paced world of ours, people do business in the most unconventional ways. Instead of posters on walls, ads become displayed online. Instead of door-to-door product demos, videos are readily made […]

5 Ways That Will Make Your Print Ads Stand Out

  One of the primary objectives of advertisement is to get attention from the public to make them notice your product. There are dozens of methods and tricks that you can implement to make your ad achieve its purpose.   In this growing era of advanced technology and increasing people that choose online services and […]

Sure Ways That Will Help You Create The Best Logo

  There are a lot of misconception about designing, and one of it is that it is easy to create a logo. What most people forget is that a logo is more than just a thing that has colors, graphics, and cool fonts put together. A logo is an important tool of a brand’s visual […]

What Happens When People Hear the Word Branding?

  People remember everything by names. May it be a plant an animal or a place, people brand things with names. By being branded, we get to establish our identity in the society. Companies aim for this identity in the marketing world, so branding plays an important role to get fame, customers and money.   […]

Designing It For Success: How To Avoid Logo Infringements

  A lot of people often have a lot of great ideas and concepts when it comes to company logos and designs. Creative juices start to flow if the individual who designs the logos has sole ownership of that company. A lot of times, when a person does create a logo, it becomes the symbol […]

It’s Still Alive!: Why Print Advertising Can Never Be Obsolete

  Today’s modern world is at a pace where material things are beginning to disappear rapidly. Advertisements are now an everyday sight online. Today, media comes out in two forms: The physical form which consists of the things that a person can hold like magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc. and the other type is Digital.   […]

Are You Thinking Flyers Are Weak?

  Ancient Persian used pigeons to pass on some information. They were their messengers before and sometimes the only ones that can prevent war from happening. Their consistency in delivering messages is extraordinary.   As fast as a pigeon can be, ironically, the generation used the term snail in message sending. It is indeed one […]

What You Need To Know To Distinguish Digital From Traditional Printing

  There are many ways to differentiate digital printing from traditional print. To better understand their similarities and differences, let’s take a look at their product samples.   In this article, we will use as an example the printing of textiles using both digital and traditional printing to have a clear picture of both processes. […]

Print, Context And Color Psychology: Things You Need To Know

Context is an important aspect in every advertisement, especially in Print. Print advertising uses colors, symbols, and shades to express an idea and to persuade. That is why before any publication, print advertisers always keep context in mind.   The concept of color psychology is an old strategy of reaching out to people, and in […]