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2016 and Beyond: Print’s Alive and it Thrives

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Print advertisement has offered great opportunities for the last century. Where people’s expectation of the digital advancement, came the great meltdown for the printing industry as uttered by naysayers.


But this should not be enough to overthrow print advertising to an absolute abyss.


Materials such as posters, billboards, and even printed facade backgrounds can still make consumers look twice and draw eyeballs towards your business firm. Thanks to printers – these materials are so much underrated by business individuals by a par of the rising demand in social media marketing.


The growth of the sustaining economy of print ads shows a significant part of the marketing industry. This can make startup businesses question the idea of the ever told hoax – print is dead.


Print Advertising Tips


Digital and printing are two different entities. These two are explorative channels mostly compared by marketing strategists. Clearly, they have their pros and cons. Digital advertising helps businesses reach a wider geographic impact, whereas print advertisement deals with effective lead generation on a local level.


In a community, effective print advertising finds its place to produce buzz surrounding a specific brand, product or service. Let us say that, whenever an individual finds it difficult to believe hearsays and rumors about a local event or product; they look for information in trusted media such as newspapers, magazines and even in posters.


These materials are cost-friendly to the consumers and patrons because even the unemployed can afford a newspaper or informative postings, and publications can somehow facilitate their doubts for free.


Furthermore, cost-efficient print advertising matters also in size. Companies and businesses are trying to vie the consumers’ attention should consider a making impact by putting out lavishly full-page colored ad on local publication.


The bigger are always better in this sense since smaller ads can be easily ignored by time-conscious individuals who are always on the go.


Paper Beats Digital, says Neuroscience


Research insights based on a study in 2009 by Bangor University together with Millard Brown has scientifically proven different effects of paper and social media. Among the insights made by the study are:


  1.    Tangible materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain. Material shown on cards generated more activity within the area of the brain associated with the integration of visual and spatial information.


  1.    Physical material involves more emotional processing, which is important for memory and brand associations. This is involved in the processing of emotionally powerful stimuli and memory, which would suggest that the physical presentation may be generating more emotionally vivid memories.


  1.    Physical materials produced more brain responses connected with internal feelings, suggesting greater “internalization” of the ads. This suggests that the individuals were relating information to their thoughts and feelings.


The study strongly suggests physical materials facilitate greater emotional processing than virtual. “Real” experience, as provided by physical media, has a tremendous impact on human memory.


It can generate more emotion that positively reinforces brand recognition, hence, should have a personal effect and aid motivation.


Long Live Printing


Per the scientific studies, and even in the height of our technological advancement, print advertising still continues to sustain excellence in its field. It is just incomparable among other types of advertising since it has made its roots and rippled its effect.


That being said, it is clear that claims of printing and print advertising being dead are a total hoax.

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