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Get Custom Closures with the Newest Digital Printing Technique

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Get Custom Closures with the Newest Digital Printing Technique

Brand owners can now avail revolutionizing packaging through quality CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) digital printing of plastic caps and closures. More customization options are incredibly available for owners and marketers who prefer to make a more impactful impression with customers than when only using plain caps and closures.


What brand owners and marketers can expect from this breakthrough technology is full CMYK digital printing processed directly onto polypropylene caps, variable data printing, easy option to change artwork or color since screens or plates are no longer required, and use of low-migration UV-cured ink as an alternative for food packaging prints. Lead-times are also now shorter with the new digital inkjet printer. Smaller batches or orders with higher quality prints, all customizable are also a welcome feature from this growing digital inkjet technology. As a result, those from the label-making and packaging industry are becoming more convinced to shift towards digital print.


What’s New with Digital Printing


The same technology, which is digital printing, is used for both label and closure prints. However, the difference is custom closure print eliminates the process of using label materials and adhesives since you can directly apply ink on caps and other covers. And so, business owners and marketers now have the option to proceed with their product packaging without any labels. Also, people who are concerned about the environmental impact they’re making need not worry that much since some people consider the removal of a label substrate in the printing process as a sustainable step in the packaging industry. Who knew how positive and emancipating it is to go label-free?


CMYK Digital Printing Technique


The CMYK digital printing process is a very flexible technique that lets you use any design for your product. Although critics of digital printing may point out that upon very close inspection, they can observe small dots of ink on the final output, this look, however, is nothing out of the ordinary. The great news is, the printed images still look bright and sharp from a normal reading distance. Also, depending on the printing company of your choice and the kind of product material you will provide, some of the prints are done with a matte finish while others have a glossy texture.


With the latest and exciting offer from the digital printing industry, you get to move a notch higher than the traditional practice of using just one or two colors for your closure print job. And now with the facility to print your excellent logos, brand names, striking images, and other details you’d prefer on bottle caps and other closures, this fresh and impressive approach to product packaging as well as advertising opens up new possibilities.



The latest digital printing technique is revolutionizing the printing process with its variable data printing option that is directly applicable to different kinds of caps and closures. This method changes the marketing game with the new style of packaging and advertising brands and their products.



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