What Happens When People Hear the Word Branding?

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People remember everything by names. May it be a plant an animal or a place, people brand things with names. By being branded, we get to establish our identity in the society. Companies aim for this identity in the marketing world, so branding plays an important role to get fame, customers and money.


Before understanding what branding is, it is significant to know what a brand is. Brands are associative to logos of a company which is not wrong. In fact, people would acknowledge the brand as the enterprise’s name, design, emblem, or any other attribute that shows off the identity of a company.


The logo only shows a small portion of a brand’s identity. There are still events happening beneath the surface. A product’s name is important, and every company or business should create an unforgettable brand, from designing and printing of business cards to the impact of a fast food brand.


Here’s an example: What’s the difference between a butterfly and a moth? If we examine the two, they do have distinctions, but they also have something in common in some aspects. From the color and size, down to the characteristic of the two, the butterfly surely gained good feedbacks and beautiful comments from the people compared to a moth.


Most people would look at a moth as a dangerous insect because of an unfortunate myth attached to it, believing that the dusty particles of a moth found in its wings can cause blindness if it reaches an eye.


Why is that so? It’s because of level-up branding. The fact that the Latter-day people are more captivated by the things that are visually gorgeous implies that a good branding has to be pleasing and mesmerizing.


But a contemporary brand doesn’t only exhibit those. It also presents an emotional connection to the people or buyer of the product. Let’s take the two notable soda brands “Coca-Cola and Pepsi” as an example.


Many soda drinkers around the world have a preference between the two, arguing that the two has a distinct taste from one another, a big difference in fact.


To identify the alleged distinction many blindfold taste test and even scientific experiments sprouted, but still, the two are imperatively indistinguishable.


But then why would people claim such high distinction? Because when appropriately made, branding elicits a character: Coca-Cola conveys happiness and Pepsi as a disperser of fresh vibes. And that’s how people understand the brand of a product.


Why Create Branding?


There are small enterprise owners that tend to forget or neglect one of the essential parts about the longevity of their business that they often focus on the more obvious factor such as product evolution and business analysis. A brand also has to have values to empower itself, without it a company would lack direction and growing wouldn’t be that serene.


Creating a brand


If a company has no brand yet or does not like its present name, it’s time to innovate. Look through the following steps of great branding:


  • What do my customers love?: Everyone has a unique taste towards many things, and if a company caught the attention of many people, then that’s great. A company needs to find its strength and make use of your advantages.


  • Create a brand that speaks for your business: Convey the idea of your business to people. Just make sure that you appropriately deliver your company’s promises.


  • Make sure everything is parallel: Your visual element should match the message you want your buyers to understand. If you want to express mischievous attitude, make sure to use bright and happy colors. Make your brand name promising.


  • Make the company internally grow: to meet the expectation of the buyer, be sure to exceed your standards. Share such standards to the employees for they are a contributor in growing a company.


Cover-up everything: Use your creativity to every little detail of your company, from endorsement to brochure printing to market designs to deliveries to packages.




With the unlimited possibility of innovation, a lot of ideas needs some mixing and matching. The purpose of great branding is to achieve the company’s primary goal, to excel.


All of the marketers has to consider the fact that to succeed in this field you have to precisely and cautiously look through every little detail and always make sure to be one step ahead of the way.


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