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How to Do Branding Like a Pro

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In establishing a new business, branding is something that you as an entrepreneur, should focus on building. It’s better, easier, and more efficient when you’re on a budget that you prepare it right the first time compared to fixing it later. However, you may find it hard to focus on creating a strong brand when you’re still in your startup days.


It’s unsurprising that an excellent design plays a vital role in creating a great and sturdy brand. But what does it take to make this happen? But before we dig in deeper on the principles, it would be better to understand what branding is all about first.


Branding, by definition, is the process of building a company’s image and identification to the public’s eye.


In this process, a company uses different strategies on how to create a powerful brand by thinking of a one of a kind name, tagline, logo, graphics, package color, shape, and any other things that would generate brand awareness and popularity in the company’s chosen field.


Here is a list of tips that you have to put in mind to be on track, invest in the right branding techniques and ensure that your business is at it’s best starting from day one:


 Be classic.


Staying traditional does not necessarily mean that it’s boring, or old school or primitive. Well, of some sort it may be, but if you come to think of it, you’ll see that previous trends tend to last for decades.


You may try remembering that many ancient trends in different fields like the traditional fonts and colors are what we see as the most efficient and proven strategy to last longer than those new ones recently.


 Your company and your brand should ALWAYS match.


The second principle may be pretty obvious for you, but there are surely companies out there whose logo just don’t match what the company is doing or offering. What you have to do is to let your business plan kick into action, and your mission statement should live your dream.


If your company is a brewery in Michigan, you have to make sure you will be able to attract customers by perhaps having a chilling mug of beer with your business logo.


 Ensure that your business is distinct to any other companies in the market.


It may be sometimes unintentional; other companies fall into the trap of back riding a particular group’s fame by copying their logo or their style. This strategy is a no-no! In establishing your own business, it is fundamental to plan a brand that is incomparable to any other brands in the market.


If possible, ask for other businessmen’s opinions and always ensure that your branding is something that couldn’t be easily compared to any other business in the market nowadays.


 Your design is your brand.


The sentence above has never been more real than now. In 2016, almost all of the large brands rode the trend of social media (which nearly all the consumers have). And that made branding and design inseparable.


If you want to have a major launching and would like to be the center of attraction when you launch your business in the market, you have to come up with a unique and smart design. One that unites the company’s mission, vision, and all branding features and merges them into a definite branding game plan across different platforms – print, social, and digital.


 Your logo should be no more than two colors.


Of course, black and white don’t count. But anything other than those two, you should only stick to one or a maximum of two colors.


Too much color in your business’s logo is not pleasant to the eye. Aside from that, it would also cost you more as you will be paying extra (especially in t-shirt screeners) to printers.


 Believe that less is more.


Less is surely more when it comes to font, color, size, and more importantly tagline. Look at some big brands out there such as Starbucks and Subway. As you can see in their branding, everything is minimal, clean, and is admittedly easy to recognize.


And for the tagline, if you want your slogan to associate with your brand like all the time, it should only be less than seven words. Remember Mcdonald’s “I’m lovin’ it!”?


 Include a little bit of “you.”


If you’re looking to establish your company, well, it’s not bad to put a little part of yourself in your branding. If you love a particular font or love the color fuchsia, then go for it. Let your distinct character be present in your branding.




Branding is something you should take seriously as early as your startup days. Your design gets in touch with your audience and even your future clients. It would be best to hire an experienced marketing team as this will surely help you.


This part is your business’ frontline. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of letting a newbie handle it. Does your brand have what it takes to stand out in the crowd?

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