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How’s Print Marketing In The Present Age?

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Many marketers have been on the verge of a dilemma on the idea that printed stuff can still assume efficiency in today’s age where using advanced technological systems is becoming massive. Mobiles, tablets aided with an internet connection are now in the mainstream use by the people all over the globe.

Way back 4 centuries ago, print emerged and had become a seasoned tool for communication. However, in the recent years, innovations in communications have become a threat to print yet it still maintains its importance and efficiency when it comes to business marketing. In fact, many honored marketers have stated that best revenues are attained when printed materials are incorporated into multimedia campaigns.

Huge companies including Unilever can actually attest to the claim that print acquires bigger ROIs in campaigns compared to ads spread in radio and TV. Perhaps, this is mainly due to the fact that TV or radio ads are often short and unclear. Aside that these type of ads are expensive, they cannot be able to inform your clients the whole idea about your business or your products. While on printed advert, you can have more engagement and attention from the reader. Further, a reader may be also allowed to spend more time reading or checking out the ads, meaning, the level of concentration is much higher than in any campaigns. This then may leave a greater impact on readers considering that print advertising tends to have greater bearing since the shelf life of most printed media is longer and the target readers are often close-fitting.


Basically, one of the most important features of print media is its tangibility. Believe it or not, many individuals would prefer print as having the paper on their hands would imply that its content is real, it’s something sincere. Of course, with print media, the marketer can have the ability to trigger audiences’ senses. While in print, you can have you advert piece scented, moving or even listened (with a chip on it).


In countless ways, print still remains to be one of an ideal marketing medium. Mainly, it can be made available in small or bulk numbers, can be accessed freely, engaging and is completely creative. On their own, each print channel can have the power to perform various marketing roles. While giving you the freedom to work on with a stiff budget, you may not have to worry about your campaign’s efficiency as print media had already stood the test of time when it comes to conveying people.


Know that the most vital key to a successful marketing is engagement. Print media still remains the most trusted source for news or any other worthwhile information. Many people do prefer to read when an information is on a hard copy thus having to draw your customer’s attention through pressing contents will be completely strategic.

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