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Millennial Advertising Revolution: Techniques and Practices

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The Millennial generation broke typical advertising strategies and substantially changed the advertising setting. Most of the techniques used in the past might no longer compete to the current trend and behavior of consumers. But among the outdated methods, some are still applied today.


The current market no longer bites the usual name-calling strategy, where a brand discredits another to get their market share. People nowadays, because of the internet, have a more open forum and easy reach to reliable information. Thus, attacking a brand won’t work so much for another.


People are no longer the typical believers, who would quickly catch the bait and turn their backs. On the contrary, negative publicity might be a blessing in disguise for the condemned brand.


It is not a secret to most that this gives way for the brand to have a free sense of promotion because the public would very much require an explanation from them and not an unsolicited advertisement, which is ineffective.


Now more than the negative publicity, one can observe that a lot of people nowadays are more into what’s trending locally or internationally and this where the competition starts.


Below are only a few of the traditional techniques tailored and innovated to reach the market.


Celebrity Spokesperson

Print Advertising Techniques
No, this is not the average testimonial style or the usual celebrity charm and smile. The Celebrity Spokesperson techniques go more personal and connect with the audience in an intensely discreet manner.


Let’s take for example the Kardashians. You might disagree, but this family has taken internet and TV by storm in the US. The reality show entitled “Keeping up with the Kardashians” featured the life of a famous and wealthy family and their daily routines.


This gave the people a special, more personal connection to the lives of the said sisters. Although it made them more prone to public criticism, on the contrary, this show gave more to the Kardashians than it had hurt them.


One excellent example of their success is the Kylie lipstick. No matter how expensively priced, it is selling millions worldwide even on its first launching.


So how do the Kardashians do it?


Since they have an open connection to the public, they become “virtual friends” to people and individuals who wanted to taste and live the life of the rich would cling onto their advice even in the littlest of things: the food they eat, the makeup they use, the clothes they wear and the things they use in their daily routine.


This is an example of a discreet form of celebrity spokesperson type of advertising. They don’t directly tell people to buy this and that, they just tell them what makes their personal lives better.


Them being wealthy and young, is almost everybody’s dream life, so even if most people do not like the way they live their lives, they are still earning from it.


Emotional Appeal and Connection


This type of advertising technique is visual, and its target market is rather narrow compared to the Celebrity spokesperson technique.


McDonald’s is one of the companies who use an emotional connection with its advertisement.  Lately, they have released “Good Gravy, The Split” as an ad for Australia.


It was a mixture of humor, and sure it has a hint of emotional connection. People can indeed connect to the series because it talks about people’s daily life, although they use food terms to link the story alternatively to people’s lives.


All the advertising techniques are organic in nature and if you can revolutionize them and tailor them according to the right audience and setting, even if others think it is outdated, it will surely reach people.
It’s not about how fancy and expensive the ad could be, it’s all about timing and creativity.

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