What Makes Promotional Products Valuable To Marketing?

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For years, marketing professionals and analysts have always preached about the importance of going outside the box when it comes to marketing methods. However, these people don’t realize that there’s another vital factor of marketing campaigns that yield better results when properly executed.


This component is promotional products. It may come as a surprise, but physical products could be the game-changer of your digital marketing campaigns.


The Significance of Promotional Products


Promotional products are good stepping stones to establish a strong brand awareness and presence. These products are also great tools to entice new leads and increase audience base, more particularly if these products incorporate with a robust online marketing campaign.


As you know it, success in marketing campaigns doesn’t just happen by chance. To achieve your goals, you need to produce creative promotional programs that you can implement while taking into consideration the budget, audience, and results.


Check the significance of promotional products to your marketing campaigns below.


 Captures Long-Term Market Value


It’s common knowledge among business owners and marketers that social media platforms provide easy outlets for businesses to get a grasp for incredible reach when it comes to spreading brand messages.


After posting your material, it becomes accessible to millions of people across the globe in just a matter of seconds. It is indeed, the significant advantage of digital media. It’s capable of delivering pieces of information and contents at lightning speed. However, it comes with a cost.


Posts on social media may lose their ability to seize value as quickly as they obtain it. But, promotional products produce value for your business as long as they remain in the hands of your audience.


Pens, drink coasters, calendars, coffee cups, etc. provide branding value which encourages the audience to keep them and hopefully, purchase the products and services you sell.


 Provides Legitimate Value to the Customers


Promotional products offer a genuine value to the customers. And these value will appear and reappear to the awareness of the customers for a longer period. Even the simple act of using a promotional pajamas or T-shirts, you’re still using it.


For every second that your audience uses these products, it generates opportunities for customer engagements and consumer impressions which provides value and creates the desire in users to return the favor through buying your products.


Promotional items such as pens, stubby holders, and tumblers are more useful items and more appealing to the audience. An average Instagram post may generate value within the first four hours of posting, but 60% of the consumers will save a promotional product for more than two years. See the difference?


 Promotional Products are Low-risk


The nitty-gritty of digital marketing makes it difficult to conjure efficient strategies. Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, and PPC are just some of the marketing channels with plenty of information online but provides less when it comes to what marketers can expect from them regarding cash flow.


In most cases, finding outputs is not something that you can evaluate beforehand. It will take plenty of experimentation and some trial-and-error to fine-tune your strategy until you find the best method that works for your business. This experimental period involves significant investment, which may not yield the significant results that you expect.


But it’s a different case when it comes to campaigns that use promotional products. The history of promotional products provide the industry with adequate opportunities to venture, experiment, assess and refine its methods. This experimentation and refinement mean that strategies using promotional gifts have more quantities, fewer variables, and fewer risks.


It’s hard to evaluate cost effectiveness when you don’t know the costs and possible effects. Promotional products will give you this information, which put you at peace when it comes to investing your marketing dollars. You know what you are exactly paying for and comprehends what you’re likely to get out of your investments and when you are going to get it.


 Promotes the Value of Regifting


Digital Marketing isn’t the only avenue of marketing that values ‘sharing.’ According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, it shows that 62% of the consumers who receive the promotional gifts will give the item way before throwing it. Of course, this happens after these items delivered value to your brand.


Regifting, on the other hand, is marketing slam-dunk to many marketers. The exposure of your brand increases by magnitude if one single item gets more than one share,


For example, one customer with a branded drink coaster can generate impressions out of 100 people, and if that cup gets more than one share, the number doubles to 200. It is just an example that you can comprehend how exposures and impressions can accumulate.


Promotional Products Work


The use of promotional gifts is an old-age tactic. It’s incredible ability to supply a unique flair in advertising and to propagate brand awareness are the characteristics that many marketers rely on generations.


Fast forward to present time where competitions are fierce and grabbing the attention of the audience is an arduous task, promotional products become a reliable marketing tool more than ever.


This fact holds true to the recent statistics released by the Promotional Product Association International. Check out the facts below.


  • 83% of consumers like to get a promotional product with advertising messages.
  • 85% of consumers collaborate with the advertised brand after receiving a promotional product.
  • 89% of consumers will most likely remember the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they received for as long as two years.


These statistics become available due to the incorporation of promotional products to any marketing campaign.




Digital marketing is comparatively new in the industry but investing in promotional products, provide access to consistent and proven results. It only goes to show that despite the fluctuation of various marketing mediums, going back to basics is sometimes the best tool to win the favor of your audience.



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