Reasons Why You Need To Have Humor In Print Ads

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Humor helps you make that big leap in the ladder of your sales process. If there is one culprit to the success of many of the world’s brands, it is humor. The concept is easy to grasp, we like people who are funny, and we buy something from those we like.


Funny and happy things are one of the things that the human brain will keep chasing. Babies even laugh at jokes and funny faces, and that reasons enough for you to venture into the world of humor-filled advertising. Even Apple created a series of Mac advertisements that entertains people, and it’s success? Immense. Just look at where Mac is today.


Humor differentiates your ad from every single ad out there who only talks about how their product works. Show people how your product helps them live life better through little giggles. Here are five of the many reasons why humor ads just might be your company’s next game changer.


Being humorous is an outright genius.

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Let us just admit it. It is not easy to entertain. Mr. Bean may look naturally funny, but the act Rowan Atkinson does is something he mastered for almost his entire career.


If you want to have humorous ads, it would ask for your genius. You don’t necessarily need to hire someone else to the job, though. Consider the nature of your product and look at how it makes people’s lives better.


It doesn’t matter what you sell, what is important is how you incorporate to a funny ad. Print ads usually work in folds (for brochures), visual illusion, color, and texture. You can always play with these four major factors to make your ad easy to remember.


Humor is relatable.


The level of relatability a humorous print ad offers depends on the nature of the print ad and the nature of its target market. Consider your target market and ask yourself, “will they be able to relate or visualize this ad to a real life situation?”


If the answer to that is a yes, then you are sure to leave a significant and lasting impression to your target market. If you are a company concerning oceans, you can try to animate sea life and build a comic skit of each character.


Many advertisers nowadays, animated animals or things in their humor ads. Incorporating kittens, dogs, babies or anything cute and has emotional (even sexual) appeal can do wonders to your ads.

Browsing happy is utterly addictive.


Entertainment is key to recall.

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As mentioned earlier, happy thoughts make people remember things easily, and when they are happy, they are likely to buy. You know you have that one brand you will always remember because of their funny ad.


That ad probably had aired more than ten years ago, but you still remember it, don’t you?


People will easily remember your product if there was some sense of entertainment to it. It should create a buzz, a happy buzz. Your number one aim should be how people will talk about me? Will they remember my ad? Will it leave a mark?


Your ad may be just a simple smiley with a little color and shape, but if it can entertain someone or at least make them giggle for a minute or two, you are doing advertising right.


Humor makes you stand out.


Most advertisers tend to talk about their product and what they can do. But people are going to remember those who stands out. Humorous ads make an impression right away. It makes people’s eyebrows raise. It catches attention.

People are getting used to the typical blah blah blah, but humor begs to differ from them. When you use humor, you are touching one basic human instinct- fun.


What Not To Do In Humor Ads:


Do not pitch.


You don’t throw your sales spiel when you want to entertain. When you add a sales pitch at the end of your ad, it is going to kill the light out of people faces. It is like getting drunk and falling on the rail track. It should not happen. Entertainment and sales shouldn’t come together.


The primary goal of your humor ad should be mainly to entertain and to have an affirmative product recall. The selling part is a long way up to the ladder. Entertainment is like grabbing people’s attention to look at you, remember you and look at you again.

Remember, no one buys from a clown.


Be appropriate.

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Unfortunately, humor is not universal. One thing can be happy to one and offensive to many. You don’t want to be a racist, ageist, homophobic and whatnot. People should remember you positively.

In no way would you like to market yourself to build a negative self-image.


Do not stack too much information.


In addition to the previous item, do not stack too many things in one ad. That is one grievous mistake most advertisers make. Do not pitch or introduce your product specific in one small paper. That little cardboard and picture should be a summary of who you are.

It should relate to people using common sense and not rocket science.




The future generation will continue to use print advertising the same reason why the people of the present and the past is using it. Humor is a human need and fun is a basic instinct. If you incorporate print advertising and humor correctly and ingeniously, you will surely get the numbers rolling.


The sales path isn’t an overnight success. You have to study your audience and learn the ins and outs of their buying behavior. Bring fun and happy moments will not guarantee you overnight success, but it is one way to get there.

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