It’s Still Alive!: Why Print Advertising Can Never Be Obsolete

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Today’s modern world is at a pace where material things are beginning to disappear rapidly. Advertisements are now an everyday sight online. Today, media comes out in two forms: The physical form which consists of the things that a person can hold like magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc. and the other type is Digital.


The digital form of ads and media are the ones that a person sees on the internet. Due to the relative ease that digital media brings, the physical aspect and value of such ads diminish as time goes by.


Interestingly, the demand for printed media is still on the rise. Despite the advantages of digital media, magazines, newspapers, and other publications are still in use in everyday life.


The same goes for those who believe that printed books will soon vanish and e-books will soon reign. Truthfully speaking, printed books will never go obsolete as they are the basis of where all our knowledge is. It is also the most basic form of where we can put our ideas.


In the old-school, retro style way of speaking, “Take out the plug on the internet, and everything goes black.” In advertising, the internet is a big stage that can multiply possibilities into the infinities.


Albeit, outdated and outlandish, the old ways of simply going into the streets and introducing your product to the public can just be as useful as posting it online. Here are some more reasons and advantages why Print Advertising and the physical forms of it still have some edge over its digital counterparts.


   The Influentials


“Influentials” are those people that have the ability to draw in our sway customers towards a particular product. According to undying trends, these influentials favor the physical form of printed media and advertising. This fact means that the potential for drawing in customers becomes significant when these “Influentials” advertise a product using printed media.




With the emergence of fake news and false facts on the internet, people are more likely to believe it and end up suffering with the consequences. This everyday occurrence makes people afraid of believing things online, hence the saying “Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet.”


Credibility is one of the strongest points of print advertising. A typical behavior that consumers exhibit is that they are more likely to trust an online ad which has paperwork and provenance detailing every inch of a product they intend to buy.




Nothing beats the quality of a well-printed ad. Aside from seeing it online, holding and marveling at products that you can hold is a way better experience than just seeing it somewhere. A lot of companies like Print Meister produce high quality but cheap business cards. Also, a lot of these companies offer services such as brochure printing and flyer printing.


   Attention Span


A hard to swallow fact is that people today have less attention span than those back in the days. Behaviors like this, are commonly seen when an individual surfing the net has 6-7 or even more tabs open.


Sometimes these tabs have different topics which essentially divides the person’s attention on one particular subject. Print Readers, on the other hand, are more focused on what they are reading. Compared to multi-tab browsing, you can never see a person opening 3-5 magazines simultaneously.


   Action driven


Trusted organizations like The Nielsen Global Trust say that a lot of people tend to take more action after viewing printed ads like newspapers. A perfect example of this is when people go to the grocery store just after seeing an ad for soap.


Combined with influence from the “influentials” as mentioned above, customers tend to buy the soap after seeing a published ad for it, rather than seeing it online.


   Nothing without power


One of the high points of printed media is that it does not require external forces such as electricity to bring to their customers their daily fix on news readings. The saying mentioned above “Take out the plug on the internet, and everything goes black” perfectly describes this thought.




The rise of pickers and novelty hunters today make the ads from the past look like gold mines. Pickers are people who specialize in finding items for collectors. Collectors are those who pay huge sums of money for an item because of their supposed value.


Although vintage posters and ads are common on the internet, merely printing a copy from it isn’t enough as the novelty value isn’t there.




Due to the fact that time flies fast, a lot of things in our world changes. In the world of marketing and advertising, online ads have been the craze. The surprising fact is that the demand for creating printed media is still high.


Even with the numerous advantages that online ads give, people still read magazines, newspapers, and other types of printed media. Contrary to the popular belief that printed advertising and media is dying out, the physical forms of magazines, books, and posters will never become obsolete.


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