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“What use do we have for a print advert?” this is a common question posed by many of today’s existent marketers. This is perhaps because of the number of digital platforms that surface in a truly fast manner.However, despite the tons of skepticism, you’ll be surprised with a number of legitimate studies showing how people behave differently in dealing with print media than they do in digital media.

In fact, a survey from Print In The Mix shows that 56% of respondents would say that they found printed material to be the ‘most trustworthy’ media channel. The same survey had found out that almost half of the respondents said that they have retained a direct mail piece for future reference, whilst 17% regularly do so. Further, the CMO council found that the average response for emails is at low 0.12%.

Whereas, for direct mails, the average response rate is 4.4%.

This manifests a clear result: people is yet to absorb digital media in the way that they have absorbed print media.

Print media’s efficiency should not become a subject to be doubted. With its boundless potential, it will continue to remain effective.

However, with the number of printing agencies that surface in today’s market, it will be indeed daunting to choose which is which. ‘Quality must always come first’, that’s a golden rule in Print Marketing.

Exemplifying Print Media With PrintMeister

Our Philosophy in Print Meister is simple. We are believers in the notion of bringing nothing but the best for our customers. Not just because it is affordable but because you deserve high-quality products at the best prices.

Whether you seek to print brochures for your products and services or any other printing needs you have in mind, PrintMeister is now ready to help you to be empowered in doing what you do best. To the best of our abilities, we’ll help exhaust print media to enable you to build a better community, grow your enterprise and make a lasting impression.

What’s In It for You If You Deal With Us?

Our customers come first, constantly. Everything we do aims to put our customers at the center stage. We certainly believe that beyond the quality products you receive, the customer service you experience while dealing with us also matters. We will ensure to take every necessary step to make yourentire experiences with us become nothing less than perfect.

  • We advocate honesty. We will never pull a fast one on you. Stay confident that there will be no hidden charges or any surprise conditions that will surface out of the blue. You will have an exact idea about your project’s status – up to the very minute it reaches your door.
  • We are dedicated to exceed your expectations. Our team of experts will manage your artwork carefully to ensure that the end product is perfect. We love perfection and our 100% satisfaction guarantee will allow you to stay confident that our printed products will delight you.
  • We offer best prices. We have a passion for print. We will strive to offer you competitive prices without having to jeopardize the quality of our products.

We love what we do. We adore what you do, and we are excited to bring your ideas to life and make them tangible.

Trust us with your business printing needs and we guarantee that you will be back for more. Built into every order that is placed with, we will ensure top quality products to suffice not just your ‘wants’ but your ‘needs’ as well.

Talk to us Now! We are all excited to serve you!

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