Tabletop Card Games are Winning it Big for the Print Industry

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Tabletop board and card games are among the most-funded campaigns on Kickstarter, a popular crowdsourcing platform that is the largest in the world. Regarding design and packaging, these games are some of the most creative you’ll see on the platform.


Games that let you help Endangered Orphans or make you create a fart sound when it’s your turn to poop are examples of the highly successful card games in recent history. But probably the most popular are Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens. Yes, this kind of entertainment does exist, and it’s driving the print industry higher than one can imagine when it comes to tabletop games.


First off, here’s a bit of background on two of the most in-demand card games.




Cards Against Humanity lets you bring out the horrible person in you. There’s no more stopping you from directly answering questions with your naturally despicable and awkward thoughts.


Black cards ask questions while the white cards provide answers. See what they did there? Change the word ‘cards’ to ‘men’ and that’s basically history 101. Remember, the whites always have the answers!


But going back, as if we got off really far, Cards Against Humanity lets you answer questions like “what ended my last relationship?” with “unfathomable stupidity” and “I drink to forget – alcoholism.”


Now think of statements that are even crasser and more derogatory in nature then you have one hell of a game. One point is awarded to the person who provided the funniest answer, as decided by a Card Czar. In the end, the person who gets the most number of awesome points gets the bragging rights.



Exploding Kittens is another card game that made history when 219,382 backers raised an astounding $8.7 million to kickstart the project. We know that cats rule the internet, but it sure looks like a lot of people enjoy kittens and explosions even on print.


The creators behind this hilariously offbeat game describe it as “a highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette.” Players will draw cards and the person who gets the Exploding Kitten card will be out of the game except if he or she brings into play a Defuse card that is printed with either a laser pointer or catnip sandwiches. The basic rule of the game is once you explode, you die and are unfortunately out of the game.


These two almost old-school recreational activities are both giving the print industry a card, pun intended, to use against digital entertainment. The publishing and distribution of these games rely on printing companies.


With Cards Against Humanity distributed under a Creative Commons license, people can also print their deck of cards to instantly play the game instead of waiting for some time after ordering everything from the creators.


As a result, print-at-homes are common and small printing companies now have an additional niche market with the increase in orders for such pastime activities.


Tabletop card and board games are also winning it big for the print industry as they make great promotional items, which people or advertisers can give away to potential customers and clients. These are an excellent way to make sure people recognize a particular brand or product since they will be keeping the free merchandise and will be using these as well to have a bit of fun and quality time with their friends, colleagues perhaps, and families.


The massive success of these games and the varied opportunities they offer can be attributed to their smart and creative designs as well as to the simplicity of and accessibility to the printed materials. Indeed, custom printed cards and games are a remarkable product of the print industry that no digital can replace.

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