Are You Thinking Flyers Are Weak?

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Ancient Persian used pigeons to pass on some information. They were their messengers before and sometimes the only ones that can prevent war from happening. Their consistency in delivering messages is extraordinary.


As fast as a pigeon can be, ironically, the generation used the term snail in message sending. It is indeed one of the slowest forms of delivering messages. That is the reason why they use the term snail for snail mails.


Ideas follow in marketing, but it is not about sending messages via mail, rather it is through the internet. Though the progress of business with the web is rampant nowadays, still some companies use flyers to inform.

Here are some potential reasons why:

 The Flyer is Pretty Much Easier to Read

People make flyers by printing the information on papers and passing it to everyone for them to read. Since the purpose is to persuade the audiences, designs should be creative and direct to the point.


 They are Cheap

Printing flyers are not that expensive, and they can maximize their papers into creating more flyers with one layout. And even if they will produce high-quality flyers, still it does not cost much.


 Can be Quickly Distributed

Distribution of flyers are easy. They can do it while standing on a busy subway, in the streets or an open restaurants. Everywhere can be a point of contact. So there’s no need to worry about dispatching the information.


 Anyone Can Create Them Right Away

Compared to online marketing; making flyers can take just a day to provide. And Reproduction of the materials is very smooth. If the copies are not enough, they can just reprint them digitally, or a photocopier machine will do. There’s no need for a particular person to do the job, anyone can do it.


 Face to Face Interaction

In handing out the flyers, there can be an interaction between the people receiving the flyer and the one giving it. So, the latter can answer questions and even provide clarification to the interested ones. This process can also be a part of a marketing strategy, where people can directly ask questions.


 Gets People

Since flyers are cheap and easy to produce, it reaches more people. The main aim of flyers is to inform and to market something. It makes sure that all the people, regardless of level and status, will be able to read and know what the Flyers are all about. It delivers the message to those who are not fond of using a computer. Flyers can be both beneficial to Internet users and non-users.


 Swift Result

Due to its face to face style of marketing, companies who use flyers can see instant results in their markets. They are sure that people will know them. And with a little bit of creativity, it will catch the attention of the target audience.




In this world today, people will go for both the quality and the quantity of a product. It is a matter of great decision making on the company’s part as to how they will make their products become the choice of the customers. Marketing plays a significant role in making their target ROI’s into completion and flyers are one of the best options.


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