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Top 3 Ways that Make Print Ads Work

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Print Ads nowadays are almost considered as obsolete by most advertising professionals. They would prefer divulging their funds on television or online advertising that reaches more people at a faster rate.


But Print Ads being a traditional kind of media doesn’t mean you have to stick with what’s traditional. You can innovate and think of more creative ways to make your print ad work and get noticed.


In fact a lot of big time companies like Nivea, Volkswagen and Ford still invest on print advertisements in promoting their products. They have three common things in particular that made their ads work. Let’s go through each of them.


 Make it Interactive


Print media doesn’t mean you have to stick with what the paper can do. The paper is not a limitation for you; it is your essential tool in making things interactive.


One thing you can do to make your Print ad interactive is to add features that will make the readers move towards it. It is given that it should be attractive enough to get the readers to stop before moving ahead to the next page.


It should have a catchy invitation line. It should have an explicit instruction, and it should be easily done, if possible, let it be done in just a few seconds.


People don’t want to spend too much time reading instructions, so as much as possible, make your interactive print ad easy and straightforward for the reader to do.


If your ad works only with a mobile app, make sure that you have for both iOS and Android because not all your readers are going to have the same brands of phone. This kind of ads hit two birds with one stone; it promotes the app, and it promotes your product or services.


Most of the print ads that ask for App download usually ask readers to scan a particular code or whatnot, make sure you don’t have too complicated instructions as this will discourage your readers. The simpler, the better.


 Add Element of Humor and Fun


Another major factor that makes the print ad work is if it has an element of humor and fun. This one, unlike what’s already mentioned, doesn’t necessarily require the use of technology; you just have to bank on creative words to make the readers giggle with laughter.


Now this one is pretty traditional since this could only be limited to words printed on paper, but if it worked before, then why wouldn’t it work now? In fact, social media ads are the same; they may be moving pictures like gifs or videos, but it is still the same element, humor.


If you want to connect with people that are not of the millennial generation, this will work best. Ages 40 and above are busy working individuals and they still stick to traditional media. Sometimes, what they want is just a break from all the hard work and read something fun.

This will surely make the experience memorable for them. Thus your purpose is not defeated.


 Connect to their emotions


One last powerful ingredient of a powerful print ad is the emotional connection. Print ads with this kind of intent are the best when it comes to retention.


These types of print ads make people responsible and would get them act towards the same goal. One particular organization that uses these kinds of ads is PETA and WWF. They talk about animal welfare and development, and they show or define to the public what is going on and how they can be of help to save the animals and the wild.


Connecting to readers’ emotions doesn’t mean making them pity about animals or people; it can also be something that would drive them to change their attitude or perspective.


You can try to narrate the story or show it in a picture. A picture speaks thousands of words so make sure to choose the image that would further connect to the people. Pictures can make or break your intention and goal so make sure to pick what’s rightly conveying everything that you want your readers to feel.


You can play around with the paper whether it is a newspaper or a magazine. Think of ways that can make your print ads interactive, humorous and emotionally relate to the readers. You are not limited by paper; it is your starting point to make out of this world an idea that can be the best advertisement your company has ever made.

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