5 Ways That Will Make Your Print Ads Stand Out

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One of the primary objectives of advertisement is to get attention from the public to make them notice your product. There are dozens of methods and tricks that you can implement to make your ad achieve its purpose.


In this growing era of advanced technology and increasing people that choose online services and support, it is undeniable that print advertisement seems to be in a great pinch. However, there are still a lot of advertising companies that use this technique and continue to thrive.


It only means that there are still a lot of people who prefer and trust print ads despite the modern age that we experience today.


With this, it is important to produce print ads which the general public will not simply ignore, especially the rising population of netizens. There are different kinds of print advertisements that present various collections of fresh and useful concepts which aim to cater the demands of a particular group of an audience or potential customers.


You must know the target audience of your print ad and how you can provide services and support. Regardless of what kind of print ads you are using right now, the ways to bring out its best depends on the techniques you applied or will apply in the future.


With this, you don’t have to worry because we got your back. Simply follow the given guidelines below and be ready to be filled with new ideas. Here is a list of 5 simple ways that will surely make your print ads stand out among the rest.


  Avoid using too many words


Let’s face it. People are getting lazier nowadays that even a short paragraph in a flyer is easier to skip than to read it thoroughly. Your audience’s attention span is a challenge. To capture your audience’s attention, craft unique and brief lines that are enough to convey what you want to say or announce.


Also, avoid using too many flowery words especially those words which are unfamiliar to the general public. However, primary usage of highly technical terms such as those which are in the medical industry, scientific fields, and other areas of the society where they have their own ‘languages’ is unavoidable.  


In cases like these, you can use context clues and other much simpler words aligned with the technical ones to keep your readers’ attention always in your print ad.


  Work out your headline


Avoid trying hard to be “too creative.” It is better to put concise and straightforward headline than make your headline unclear and lose its meaning.  Always keep in mind that the headline is one of the most important elements of your print ad and that it is the first thing to prompt your audience whether to read your ad or not.


Vague headlines especially those with too much usage of flowery words can discourage the readers to continue reading the print ad.


  Create your graphics


Most people nowadays are visually inclined. Hence, it is a significant aspect of your print ad to come up with a creative graphic design which will convey the essence of your ad and at the same time, to keep the eyes of your audience entertained.


There are dozens of graphic designs ideas and creative tools that may help you create the art you have in mind. This aspect is also essential in layouts. The design of your print ad is where you display the main idea of your available products or offered services.


Your plan depends on what your target audience is. You must relate to the audience, and you should know your user’s interests to be able to present an efficient layout that will surely catch their attention.


  Don’t forget subheads


Since you cannot put all of the ideas in the headline, you can now put it in your subheads. The purpose of creating your subheadings is to group a different view from the other ideas that will eventually complete your print ad as a whole.


The subheads must also be clear and direct to the point without losing its purpose of keeping the reader’s’ attention to continue to read on through the following subheadings and their bodies.


  Establish your body


Here you can place the additional information and detailed version of what you are trying to convey in your print ad. Try to avoid constructing long sentences that will cause your audience to read while running out of breath. Simplify your thoughts as much as possible and be direct to the point when it comes to stating your purpose.


Again, try to avoid using flowery words especially when it is not necessary. Use context clues and simple words in align with the complex ones that you just used whenever it is inevitable to use highly technical words. Through this, your readers will understand what you’re saying and will make their lives much easier.




Some may call print advertisements as old-fashioned. However, the future of print ad continues. There are still a lot of people who put their trust in print ads more than the ones they find online. With this, there is a great need to have appropriate methods and techniques to provide an effective print ad that will surely stand out from the rest.


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