It’s Here – What Makes Persuasive Flyers and Print Ads?

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Print ads come in all sizes and shapes, but their goals are the same – to sell a product, a service, or a brand. Visuals, texts, or a combination of both are the main elements of any print ads.


In the era of digital marketing, it’s easy to forget that conventional forms of advertising like corporate flyers are still part of the most effective mediums. This genuine and proven promotional method is still effective in spreading the best word for your business.


In fact, the study of Direct Marketing Association reveals that 71% of people convey, retain or at least look at the contents of the leaflet or a flyer while 48% admit that they respond to flyer advertising.


According to Inquirer.Net, besides yielding results, corporate flyers are also one of the most cost-effective advertising methods. Simply put, flyers get the job done!


The key to victorious corporate flyers or any print ads lies in its creation. Take a look at the elements one by one below.


  The Offer


Effective print ads offer readers an immediate reason or benefit to learn more about the product. It can be anything from a sale, limited-time discount or hot new products.


The famous 40-40-20 Rule applies here just like with any other print ads. The rule states that every flyer or print ads should contain 40% right audience, 40% right product, and 20% creative content.The offer is the hook that catches the attention of readers, and it should be the focus of any flyer or ad.


  The Headline


The ad title provides a snappy and concise preview of what the readers will find in the copy. The headline must explain to the reader the offer or key benefit of the products that you are providing.


Headlines, in general, are the largest part of any print advertisement. An excellent headline keeps a potential customer reading while a weak headline makes the customer wants to turn the page.




Graphic embellishments, photographs, and drawings are the key visual elements of many types of ads. Some ads may contain multiple pictures while others may only have a single visual. Even text-only ads also include graphics in the form of borders or decorative bullets.


A caption with visual makeup is one of the first things that most readers look next to visual. It also gives the advertiser one more chance to grab the attention of the reader.




Print ads and corporate flyers typically include a body which is the primary part of any print ad. The body shows the concept of the title and must establish an interest in the product or service. It should be well-organized too.


Use subheadings or bullet points when appropriate to make the information understandable for the reader. Words are the most critical part of the copy, but visual elements such as pull-quotes, bullet lists, indentation, creative kerning and tracking also contribute to the organization and emphasis of the ad’s message in the body.




The contact information of a flyer or an ad may appear anywhere in the body of the ad although it is typically near the bottom part. It consists the following factors:


  • Name of the advertiser
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Web Site Address
  • Map or Driving Directions
  • Call to Action
  • Logo


A great print ad has a sense of urgency in it. It doesn’t just tell the readers about the product. It also urges them to take action to benefit from your offer. Create a time limit as well as concise and clear instructions for the readers.


Call to action statements examples are “Only 100 Copies in Store, Come in to Reserve Yours”, “Only the First 50 Customers Receive a Free T-Shirt, Come in Today, ” or “Call Today to Reserve Your Copy.”




Some print ads may have additional special elements such a product sample, a stear-out portion with a coupon or tip sheet. All of these adds on leverage the excitement of people who will read the flyers or print ads.




Print ads are not dead. It’s going to stay as long as people want something tangible and readable. It can be highly effective in conveying the message of your brand in different audience base. Try distributing a flyer with an eye-catching image, simple message, and a catchy slogan, and you’ll be surprised how many people you can reach.


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