Proven and Tested: Why a Business Slogan Matters and How to Do Them

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Over the years of marketing and advertising, be it in print or digital, different companies used slogans as part of their initiative to generate profit. In just a few words, a tagline can become a staple of its brand, a line that will associate with the whole company.


Large corporations and small businesses both use catchy phrases to set them apart from their competitors. It is a statement for their products, what makes it different from others. Companies present these slogans in multiple ways such as print, billboards, television ads, and much more.


But how do you create something that will capture the attention of your target audience? Business slogans creation isn’t something that everyone does well. In the digital world, how can a printed tagline from your brand drive you customers?


  What Are Business Slogans?


Before creating a tagline, you need to comprehend what a company slogan is. It’s a tagline that’s less than five words, which tells its potential customers what the product or service is all about. Advertisers use it to express the importance and benefits of their product through visuals.


A tagline can catch the public’s attention by stating what a company or product does and how it’s different from what’s already on the market. In simple terms, it’s a theme to describe the campaign of a company or product. And most slogans are catchy and declarative phrases that use metaphors, rhymes, with pure and vibrant language.


In his book, ‘Creative Advertising,’ Charles Whittier said, “A slogan should be a statement of such merit about a product or service that is worthy of continuous repetitive advertising; is worthwhile for the public to remember, and is phrased in such a way that the public is likely to remember it.”


For this reason, a company slogan can potentially do so much for your profit and sales.


  Significance of Business Slogans


When you create a business slogan for your company, it should give an accurate picture of what your business is all about. It becomes a significant part of your brand. The following are reasons why having a catchy slogan can make a difference for your brand.


  Differentiation from Competitors


The digital world has changed the way companies advertise their products. But it doesn’t mean that print ads aren’t prospering. In fact, Yankelovich, a market research firm, estimates that each person sees anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 advertisements every day.


From print ads such as flyers, brochures, and billboards, to social media and blog sites, consumers see product placements almost anywhere. For this reason, consumers can have a hard time remembering everything they see at once.


It’s the reason why catchy slogans can effectively catch a customer’s attention quickly and can differentiate them from other brands. While a paragraph-long explanation of the services you offer can give consumers a lot of information, a memorable slogan from your brand can make the customer remember your brand more.


  It Promotes Your Brand


When you develop an effective slogan for your brand, it has to tell a lot about your business’s products and what the customers can expect from you. For instance, a shoe company creates a slogan that not only encourages the customers to buy their shoes but also encourages them to reach their goals.


These slogans build your brand’s identity and draw clients who want to experience what your business offers. Having a catchy slogan for your company helps create a brand recognition in a market full of competition.


  Tips on Creating a Good Advertising Slogan


  • Always make sure that the slogan you create is catchy and doesn’t contain more than five words.
  • Your slogan should talk about your company’s desire in wanting brand recognition among the customers.
  • It should be memorable and states the overall mission of your company.
  • A slogan should be meaningful and have some emotional attachment to the customers.
  • If you can, spread your slogan and put it all over the place, especially print ads. Billboards and flyers still work amidst the digital age and a lot of exposure to the public could translate into sales.




In creating a slogan for your business, it’s important that you know who do you want to sell your products and services. Today, a lot of companies sell their product through the slogan they use. And it’s essential to note that by using these slogans, you’re telling the whole world what you do and how you do it.


That’s why it’s always important to create a slogan that not only reveals your mission but also catches the heart and soul of customers. After all, your customers are the ones who can make or break your brand.


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