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Why You Need To Customize These Five Common Office Supplies

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Advertising is everywhere nowadays. The internet is termed to be the most efficient channel, making it the most utilized advertising tool. According to, social media ads of last year took a whopping $31B of all advertising expenditure and marketers projects that by 2020, digital ads will accumulate to more than $20B in the retail industry alone.


However, since people has developed some level of tolerance to advertisements when they are online, paid for ads are frequently discarded without even being given a second look. People can’t even tell what’s a promotional blog post and what’s not. That is the reason why even the experienced marketing professionals have slow sales count even with the use of the internet.


But the number of ads nor the amount spent for it wouldn’t determine your sales. Ads are there to brand you, that is its core purpose, so there should be no reason for any frustration when sales are slow even when the ads budget is high.



Branding And The Beast


Branding isn’t solely for self-introduction, it should be one way to develop a sense of lasting connection, like friendship. Every company or business out there who wishes to have their customers loyal has to employ their branding or “friendship” skills at an optimal level. No one wants to be a one-hit wonder.


Now branding shouldn’t be misconstrued as something solely advertisement. It goes way more than that, and even simple techniques and strategies can go a long way for you and your company. Your typical office supplies won’t seem to have that significance at first look, but you’ll never look at them the same once you know they can brand you better than the tallest billboards.


Now here are five common office supplies that are going to brand you like a multinational giant even if you are just a startup.


 Presentation Tools


You might be raising your eyebrows and think this is garbage but Presentation tools are great in developing your brand. No, it is not just a matter of showing off. Presentation folder holds information about you and your company.


Take note, these presentation folders not only projects sophistication, but it also creates a better impact to people. I hope you have an experience reading what is written on the folder because most people do.


Your applicants, business partners, vendors and office workers are going to read even the printed letter on your company folder. You can also customize the folder depending on your target market. Say you have a different folder meant solely for potential business partners or investors. You can also have a separate folder for your company trainees.


Customized presentation folders speak for you better than TV ads and online buzz. It is because people choose to read, they are going to learn about your company, and they are going to give it one hundred percent of their attention.

You don’t underestimate the power of a Presentation folder.




Envelopes are not much of necessity, but they should be handy. The post office is sometimes a better option rather than emails, especially when you are trying to receive a signature from someone who doesn’t have electronic signature-reading machines.


Some business people, still find the traditional way of reading business letters through printed papers rather than to stare at computers.


Customizing your company’s envelopes is a plus in so many ways, and that should be on your branding list. Your business should not be dull like black, white or brown envelope paper. You spent so much on your logo, and you want people to recognize your letter as something important.


There are still those who wants to receive their bills via mail, and if you don’t want your business letter to drown from the sea of envelopes, you should have it customized. You know that letter is something they shouldn’t miss.

It might be their bill, or it might be your precious business offer.




Letterheads is also a commodity in the office, and most businesses don’t think of them as something so useful.

Somehow, small businesses don’t think letterheads is important for branding, and they believe that only large scale companies can afford to have a customized letterhead. But that shouldn’t be the case.


Letterheads, together with the envelope will make your letter stand out. Looking at the upper page of the paper is one for people to distinguish which one among the letters they received is important and the ones that are not. Believe me; not everyone likes to read long stuff that doesn’t have a label.


Letterheads is a signature, a symbol of validation and truth. If they receive a letter claiming that they are one from a company, it won’t appeal as legitimate if it doesn’t have a letterhead, in the same way, envelopes introduce your importance to them.


If you want people to recognize you as an organization with formality and class, then you should have a letterhead. Talk about branding!


Greeting Cards


Oh, the world of Hallmark! There is just too many holidays in the world, and it is terribly annoying to make a greeting card every single time. But not when you have a customized greeting card.


As mentioned, branding is just like friendship. It is keeping you connected even when you don’t physically see each other. You send your friends greeting cards during the holidays, don’t you?


The concept is easy to grasp; customized greeting cards will help you reach out to your loyal customers. It means you remembered them and you value their loyalty. To give better value, why don’t you make that greeting card a sales coupon as well?


Most companies who want to get the best out of the holiday season and increase sales give sales tickets, and you can take advantage of your greeting cards in the same way. You don’t have to print another card for that matter. They can just cut it out from the greeting card itself just like what they do in fashion and lifestyle magazines.




When you get tired of newspaper or tv advertising, you should try sending people a postcard.


Postcards, don’t look grand and they usually only cost half a dollar each, but they do so much in branding. Have you ever heard of people calling you because of a newspaper ad? If you say yes, then you must be one lucky soul, but most business people don’t.


The cost of the ad doesn’t determine the cost of success. If you connect to people directly, there is a higher chance they will give you attention and consider calling your number.

Postcard advertising is affordable, discreet from your competitors and easily trackable.

You can also attach a voucher or coupon along with the postcard you are going to send. If you keep on sending letters, people will look forward to it.




You don’t need necessarily need to spend huge for ads to make yourself known to people. Branding is an attitude and not just one time smack. If you want to be effective at branding, you have to be consistent with everything, including the smallest of details.

Your office supplies may not look so significant and grand, but they can do so much more for you than billboards do.

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