Print Fridge Magnets


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Consistent and precise marketing efforts will certainly bring greater revenues to your business by assisting you obtain a good number of leads which may eventually translate into higher sales. Advertising through fridge magnets is surely an efficient, low cost way to further attract new or even existing customers. Recognize that no form of advertising is kept in such a noticeable place as a refrigerator.

Now, for your promotional needs, we can assure that you can trust us the things you have never trusted anyone else with. Realistically, we pledge to help you achieve your fridge magnets as close as possible to how you wish them to be.


(Customer Review)

Additional Features

90x55mm (Business Card size!)

170x80mm (Ideal for Calendars!)

Artworks / Graphics

FREE - If artwork submitted is Print-Ready.

FREE - If this is a reorder without any changes on the artwork.

$18 extra - If the artwork requires minor changes.

$18 extra - If artwork submitted needs enhancement.

$69 extra - If Print Meister creates the full artwork.


If your needs are outside our wide range of products, we also specialize in custom projects, please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a custom quote for your specific and individual needs.