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Often employed as a holiday marketing tool, greeting cards can be utilized for so much more. Customers tend to purchase on emotion and greeting card is an ideal medium in connecting with people on an emotional level. True, this thing is one of the most valid marketing mediums in strengthening customer’s loyalty.

Keep your business relentlessly at the forefront of your recipient’s mind, have your greeting cards printed at Print Meister. We are committed to creating only the finest. Have them laminated in gloss or matt, stamped, cut and fabricated with a team who has an eye for detail. ( 250gsm Premium Gloss Stock )


(Customer Review)

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Printing on the inside:

Full Colour

Artworks / Graphics

FREE - If artwork submitted is Print-Ready.

FREE - If this is a reorder without any changes on the artwork.

$18 extra - If the artwork requires minor changes.

$18 extra - If artwork submitted needs enhancement.

$69 extra - If Print Meister creates the full artwork.


If your needs are outside our wide range of products, we also specialize in custom projects, please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a custom quote for your specific and individual needs.